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Chung Cheng
Certified Public Accountant

We serve SMEs over 30 years, fostering its growth and development.


Taiwan Business registration

Generally , there are two main steps for the establishment of a company name: “establishment registration” and “trademark registration”.

總承 Chung Cheng ™ Unlike other accounting firms or patent and trademark firms, we provide professional single-window services with direct assistance from certified public accountant and patent attorney.

We also provide a complete service, including: establishment registration, change registration, franchise registration, company dissolution registration, foreign investment in Taiwan, and export and import manufacturer registration.

Innovation Incubation

Combine taxation, finance and intellectual property rights to enhance corporate legal competitiveness. Accountants and patent engineers with a background in science and engineering provide new business planning and guidance on tax declaration.

Our expertise lies in ” planning of non-par-value stock ” and “technology stock planning” to assist startups to build their corporate foundation during their start-up period.

Certification of Finance

Check whether the organization’s financial statements are prepared in accordance with generally accepted accounting standards and submit a check report. The financial certification report can provide a reference for those who read the financial statements. For example, shareholders, directors, government agencies, financial institutions and creditors, etc.

Paragraph 2, Article 20 of the Company Act stipulates that if a company’s capital exceeds a certain amount set by the central competent authority, its financial statements, except for public enterprises, must be verified by a certified public accountant.

Certification of Tax

Accountants are mainly responsible for checking whether the “profit enterprise income tax settlement declaration” and “spot check of relevant transaction records and accounting treatments” of the visa subject comply with the tax laws in accordance with the relevant tax laws and generally accepted auditing standards to assess the taxable income. And declare as an agent.

This tax certification report can prevent customers from being punished for short or overpayment of taxes due to ignorance of tax laws, or for violation of laws and regulations.


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