Chung Cheng Intellectual Property Office

Chung Cheng Intellectual Property Office

“Law always serves business.”

Main serviceS

Innovation protection in Taiwan

—— Innovative creations need to be protected in innovative ways.。

總承 Chung Cheng ™ is led by certified public accountant and patent attorney, and provides a variety of protection solutions to assist the development of SMEs(small and medium-sized enterprises). We have diversified thinking, from the technical, legal, commercial and even marketing aspects to participate in discussions with our customers, not only protect innovations from the legal aspect.

Intellectual property rights risk management

Startups and SMEs usually need a legal commissioner to provide legal advice. We provide economical consulting services. Moreover, “strict confidentiality standards” are our principals for serving our clients, and its has been practiced for 30 years. Customers can safely provide their financial, tax and intellectual property information.

Patent and trademark services in Taiwan

Patent rights and trademark rights are important assets of SMEs. Applying for registration is the first step for developing intellectual property. Whether you can use IP rights to “Enforce” and ” Create value ” are advanced strategies.

We provide basic legal services for building IP protections, including trademark objection, trademark invalidation, patent invalidation, etc. In addition, we also assist in further intellectual property law litigation consultation and services.

IP authorization management and utilization

The licensing of intellectual property rights must be related to intellectual property and taxation. 總承 Chung Cheng ™ is led by certified public accountant and patent attorneys, providing complete and customized services for SMEs. We pay attention to these two major aspects of legal issues to reduce the cost of SMEs seeking multiple firms.


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