TripleGold IP™

What is TripleGold IP™?

TripleGold IP™」also kwon as「智權金三角™」is a trademark of Chung Cheng®:

We assist startups in tailoring a perfect IP portfolio with our proficiency and passion.

Except the employees, “brands”, “technologies”, and “contents” are the most important capital to a start-up company. These are the factors of “IP golden triangle” and these factors can be protected by the laws.

  • Brands can be protected by Trademark Law, which can let a trademark holder exclude an opponent using similar trade marks.
  • Technologies can be protected by Patent Law, which can let a patent owner exclude an opponent from mimicking your ideas, including process, machine, manufacture, composition, or design.
  • Contents can be protected by Copyright Law and Trade Secret Law, excluding an opponent from plagiarizing your works or misappropriate your trade secrets with improper approaches.

Most of the countries call these rights to be protected as Intellectual property rights, also known as IPR. However, these legal system seems to be ideal, in reality, most of



「97% 的人不知道智慧財產權的種類及如何應用,因而錯過關鍵的時間點」*

因此,總承®Chung Cheng® 提供了 整體解決方案(Total Solution

*總承® Chung Cheng®自現有1200多間客戶,僅約3%的客戶知道「智慧財產權」包含前述資訊。


你(妳)可以透過 智權金三角™ TripleGold IP™

用最優惠的價格,打造完美的「智慧財產權」 規劃。

智權金三角™ TripleGold IP™

——做足智權規劃,守護您的創意 🙂

若想知道詳細的 辦理流程,請往下滑動頁面..
或電洽 886-2-2232-0232 #17 楊先生Jack Yang


  • 認識彼此,瞭解雙方背景。
  • 瞭解收費標準。
  • 瞭解預算規模。
  • 聊聊您(公司)的目標。


  • 簽訂合作、保密合約及其他文件。
  • 廣泛討論公司細節、產品及服務。
  • 「品牌」的使用與行銷。
  • 「技術」的研究與開發。
  • 「內容」的產出與利用。


  • 給予建議與完成報告。
  • 提供佈局策略。
  • 進行智權規劃。
  • 進行後續控管程序。


或電洽 886-2-2232-0232 #21 楊先生 Jack Yang

我們將協助您進行深層探索。從地板到天花板,找回遺失的「智慧財產權」們 😉

— 總承® Chung Cheng®

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